Our offices are open.  Some COVID restrictions are in place.

Personal income tax filing deadlines have been extended and further information is available by clicking here


Covid-19 Operations Announcement To Our Clients

Operations during Covid-19 Outbreak

During the current Covid-19 outbreak and declared pandemic our offices will continue to operate normally so long as conditions permit.  Our staff are taking precautions to keep any possible transmission risk as low as possible through best practices regarding cleaning, handwashing, and surface maintenance.

Clients are welcomed to bring their personal income tax paperwork to our offices as per normal procedures.

Clients may also submit paperwork to our offices electronically via email to contact@wgscma.ca

Clients may also fax paperwork to our offices at the following numbers:

Cannington: 705-432-8450

Orillia: 705-329-2571


Please note that one-on-one appointments with Walter Schummer to review tax returns or other matters are being deferred.  Clients are still welcomed to attend our offices to sign off on their personal taxes or other accounting and tax matters.  Staff at our offices will continue to review tax returns with clients on a summary basis.

Our office can also arrange to send required paperwork for signature via email or fax to our clients.  The documents can be returned in similar manner.  Payment can be arranged via telephone.  Hardcopy of tax packages may be picked up at a later time or we can mail to clients (mailing of returns may result in nominal extra charges or removal of some discounts).

Our offices have their hours posted online at our website www.wgscma.ca


Special Protocol for both of our offices:

Due to easy spread of COVID-19 we are initiating special protocols at both of our offices:

  • Only one client (or couple) permitted in the office at any time with our staff
  • Required "social distance" to be maintained at all times possible.  This means no detailed review of the tax return with the client
  • Only one client at staff desk at any time
  • Payment by debit or credit card is preferred to minimize exchange of money or cheques

Upon Arrival at the Office:

  • Call office using cell phone to announce your arrival 705-432-8449
  • Press on intercom at the base of the stairs to the office and wait for staff to approve your entrance (waiting for others to leave)
  • Press on intercom and wait for staff to allow you in.  Please follow staff instructions

Dropping Off Tax Papers:
  • You may deposit paperwork in the mailbox at the base of the stairs to the office and then ring the door bell to announce the deposit.  Staff will collect the paperwork

  • Knock on door or press intercom and wait for staff
  • Place documents in bin provided by staff

Picking up and Signing Off on Taxes:
  • Remote sign off is an option (call for details or click below)
  • Papers will be signed at office with no meeting or review
    • Only one client to be at sign off desk at any time.  If a couple is attending the office the other spouse must wait back from the desk (preferably sitting in waiting chair)