Our offices are open:

Brock-Simcoe Accounting is deemed an essential service and our offices are open.  for current office hours click here.  Our staff are here to assist you during the provincial stay-at-home order.  Travel for essential services is permitted including to get your income taxes prepared.



Please note that non-medical face masks or face coverings are required at both of our offices.  Thank you for your assistance during this time.


Special Protocol for both of our offices:

Due to easy spread of COVID-19 we are initiating special protocols at both of our offices:

  • Only one client (or couple) permitted in the office at any time with our staff
  • Required "social distance" to be maintained at all times possible.  This means no detailed review of the tax return with the client
  • Only one client at staff desk at any time
  • Payment by debit or credit card is preferred to minimize exchange of money or cheques
  • Non-medical masks or face coverings must be worn while in our offices
  • Minimal client-staff meetings

Upon Arrival at the Office:


  • Call office using cell phone to announce your arrival 705-432-8449
  • Press on intercom at the base of the stairs to the office and wait for staff to approve your entrance (waiting for others to leave)
  • Call office using cell phone to announce your arrival 705-329-2570
  • Press on intercom and wait for staff to allow you in.  Please follow staff instructions

Dropping Off Tax Papers:
  • You may deposit paperwork in the mailbox at the base of the stairs to the office and then ring the door bell to announce the deposit.  Staff will collect the paperwork

  • Knock on door or press intercom and wait for staff
  • Place documents in bin provided by staff

Picking up and Signing Off on Taxes:
  • Remote sign off is an option (call for details or click below)
  • Papers will be signed at office with no meeting or review
    • Only one client to be at sign off desk at any time.  If a couple is attending the office the other spouse must wait back from the desk (preferably sitting in waiting chair)