Please note that non-medical face masks or face coverings are required at both of our offices.  Thank you for your assistance during this time.


Special Protocol for both of our offices:

Due to easy spread of COVID-19 we are initiating special protocols at both of our offices:

  • Only one client (or couple) permitted in the office at any time with our staff
  • Required "social distance" to be maintained at all times possible.
  • Only one client at staff desk at any time
  • Payment by debit or credit card is preferred to minimize exchange of money or cheques
  • Non-medical masks or face coverings must be worn while in our offices
  • Minimal client-staff meetings

Picking up and Signing Off on Taxes:
  • Remote sign off is an option (call for details or click below)
  • Papers will be signed at office with reduced meetings or reviews
    • Only one client to be at sign off desk at any time.  If a couple is attending the office the other spouse must wait back from the desk (preferably sitting in waiting chair)